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For the many inspired by Anthony DeStefano's A Travel Guide to Heaven -a remarkable tour of the pleasures God has in store for us in the next and everlasting life-more inspiration is here in A TRAVEL GUIDE TO LIFE, offering an enlightening tour of the kind of deeply meaningful and happy life we can live here on earth. DeStefano outlines the path that can lead each and every one of us to renewed faith, understanding and fulfillment. With simplicity, honesty and a personal and practical look at the challenges God places before us, he outlines a reassuring and hopeful framework for living the life God has designed for us all ... even if we're not sure (yet) that we're true believers.

DeStefano offers hope and optimism to everyone-committed Christians as well as struggling doubters, agnostics and even atheists-whether we've lived exemplary lives or are sinners who've lost all hope, whether we're struggling to keep a roof overhead and food on the table or are seemingly successful and surrounded by material wealth.

This frank and inspiring guide incorporates that crucial element so often missing from other self-help and personal development books about living a happy life: spirituality and a living, working faith in God. Clear and basic "Lifetime Principles" are at its heart, to be followed whenever we are ready to begin, no matter the lives we've lived, no matter the baggage we carry, no matter the faith we've had (or lacked) up until now:

Accept yourself as one person - body, mind and spirit, all connected and interrelated - the way God created you.

Make a decision to start over - you can do it any time, on one tiny part of life or everything in it - and begin living the way God intends.

Take action - start with just one small step and each successive one will be easier - following the example God gave us as Jesus moved from infancy to manhood and wisdom, His momentum growing step by step.

Put God first - most importantly of all - wholeheartedly if you can, or hesitatingly if your heart still harbors doubt.

DeStefano's personal no-holds-barred yet joyful style is always positive, always encouraging. Travelers who take this incredible journey with him will come to truly understand that when we take up the crosses in our lives - the whole of our lives, the good and the not-so-good - and follow God, He will transform it all, making everything brand new and granting us the strength, peace and happiness for which we yearn.

So take heart. Take hold of the powerful path open to you on the pages of A TRAVEL GUIDE TO LIFE. And take your place in God's happy universe, living out the humble requests asked in the prayer taught by Jesus Himself: "...Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

Praise for A Travel Guide to Life

“Anthony’s book shows that every human being is a miracle; that we are not just our bodies, but rather, we are soul and spirit, and are therefore capable of achieving miraculous things during this adventure called life.”

– Tony Robbins


"Move over, Dr. Phil! Anthony DeStefano's advice on how to turn your problem-filled life into something to celebrate is bare-bones, no-holds barred, no bull and spot-on brilliant."

– Kathie Lee Gifford
Co-Host, NBC’s Today show


“I think most of us want to go to heaven, though not necessarily right now. But we all need to get ready for the trip—and Anthony DeStefano’s book is like a Fodor's Guide for just that purpose. It’s a wonderful road map for people who want to be happy in this life, and at the same time prepare for ultimate happiness in the life to come."

Mike Huckabee
Former Governor of Arkansas
Host of Huckabee, on the Fox News Channel and The Mike Huckabee Show, on Cumulus Media Network

“In his new book, A Travel Guide to Life: Transforming Yourself from Head to Soul, Anthony DeStefano provides a clear and concise road map to a fulfilled and happy life, and makes the compelling case that we must be God-centered in order to experience true joy. While the book provides solid self-help techniques, Anthony helps show us that the way to happiness is to know, love, and serve God in this life, so that we might experience everlasting happiness with Him in Heaven."

Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Archbishop of New York

“I love that Anthony DeStefano has a deep and abiding faith, but does not preach or make you feel like you are being lectured. His book, A Travel Guide to Life, presents God's wonderful truths and love in a way that shines!”

– Delilah
Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

“Know someone who needs to get back on the right path? Find your own self lost in the noisy wilderness? A Travel Guide to Life is the sort of practical, sensible, desperately helpful book we all need to rest the dials and get back on course. Short, sweet, clear and to the point.”

Rick Hamlin,
Executive Editor of Guideposts
Author of Ten Prayers You Can’t Live Without

“Anthony DeStefano has done it again! I am convinced that this is quite possibly one of the finest and most complete works on what it means to live a transformed life. His new book is a must-read for any person with blood flowing through their veins. Anthony tackles the tough questions and holds back no punches when it comes to the reality of our purpose in this life and the choices we must make if we are to have an impact and make a difference. So, stop reading this endorsement and start reading this book. It will change your perspectives forever."

John Bornschein
Vice Chairman, National Day of Prayer
Senior Pastor, Calvary Fellowship

"Get ready for a truly new and joyful view of living life to its fullest! Anthony DeStefano’s latest book is a powerful and practical "how to" guide on living an authentically Christian life—one that is exciting and dynamic and God-centered and happy."

Dr. Dick Eastman
President of America's National Prayer Committee
International President, Every Home for Christ

“A Travel Guide to Life is not just a “self-help” book but also a “spiritual-help” book. That’s the key if you want to make your happiness last!”

– Doug Keck
Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN)

“We live in a world where truth is obscured and our attention toward things that really matter is constantly diverted by our technology driven, over-scheduled lives. This book is an invitation to live differently. A Travel Guide to Life is a book of common sense “tough love.” It will ask you to answer some important, uncomfortable, but completely necessary questions. Read it with honest self-appraisal. Read it like a child – with fresh ears and a heart willing to learn. Read it because it’s about why we are here and where we are going! Thank you, Anthony, for this road map!”

– Terry Meeuwsen
Co-host, The 700 Club
Founder, Orphan’s Promise

“A Travel Guide to Life is a common sense guide to a life of fulfillment, joy, and freedom. Anthony DeStefano makes it all so simple, so straight-forward, so… do-able. You really must read this book.”

– Buddy Owens
Teaching Pastor, Saddleback Church
Author, The Way of a Worship; Finding God in the Desert of the Soul
General Editor of The NIV Worship Bible

“Want help living an integrated, honest, healthy, joyful Christian life of love and mercy? This book is for you.”

– Kathryn Jean Lopez
National Review

"In A Travel Guide to Heaven, Anthony DeStefano explored the wonders, joy and fun of the next life—but in A Travel Guide to Life, he comes back to earth to reveal the wonders, joy and fun of this life!"

– Ryan Dobson
Family Talk's Vice President of Broadcast

Copyright 2012 Anthony DeStefano