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Nothing Compares to Childlike Faith

I know you're up in heaven, God,
and can hear my voice from there.
I'm just
a little child.
Will you answer my short prayer?

So begins this delightful book that affirms God's readiness to answer our prayers, no matter what our age.

With engaging rhymes and beautiful illustrations, This Little Prayer of Mine assures children that God is always near--watching, listening, caring, and eager to respond to their requests. They'll also learn that prayer isn't just about asking for things, but about sharing their feelings of sadness and uncertainty as well as of thanksgiving and joy.

Most importanly, This Little Prayer of Mine reminds children—and those who love them—that they can trust God to tenderly care for them, no matter what the future holds.

A Few Praises for This Little Prayer of Mine...
Developing friendship with God and dependency on Him is best cultivated when still a child. Anthony DeStefano's This Little Prayer of Mine is a great tool for parents to use to help their youngsters learn to talk to God and begin to grow in their relationship with Him even at an early age.
John Bornschein
Executive Director,
National Day of Prayer Task Force

Everyday we must live in a close trusting relationship with God, always looking to Him for comfort and direction through prayer. This Little Prayer of Mine is the springboard for helping children to establish that type of life-long relationship with our Heavenly Father. Both parents and children alike will praise Anthony DeStefano for this amazing little book.
Bernice A. King
Daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr.
& Coretta Scott King

Anthony DeStefano has done it again. This Little Prayer of Mine reaches a younger audience and encourages the little ones to develop a prayer life and hear the voice of God. As a talk-show host, I recommend this book as an excellent resource for the home and the church community.

Teresa Tomeo
Radio Host,
EWTN Global Radio

In an increasingly hectic world, burdens can weigh heavily on even the youngest hearts. This Little Prayer of Mine offers a wonderful reminder about the source of joy and peace, and will draw children nearer to God. They will learn of His love and care for every detail of their lives–a crucial foundation for a life of faith!
Danae Dobson
Coauthor of Parables for Kids, daughter of
Dr. James Dobson and Shirley Dobson


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